Week 20// + photos

Monday, December 26, 2016

How was Christmas?! It sounded like you had a white Christmas, talk about a christmas miracle! Sad to hear that the extended family couldnt make it, but that our now somewhat big immediate family was all together! 

So ya, that concert was a thing that our mission put on. The people that COULD sing sang in it, and so I was happy watching. :) haha but there was about 15-20 missionaries from our mission and they all got together throughout this transfer and practiced songs and stuff and then they performed it the 23rd in the middle of this plaza (or park) later in the evening. Then at the end me and a couple others handed out some balloons with little LED lights in them to some very fierce and grabby kids. and we all sang "the spirit of God" and released them into the sky. It was truly like iluminating the world. Seeing like 200-250 little lights go up into the black sky. It was way cool. I believe they put videos or a video on facebook. Under our mission name. So you can see it if you want I believe!

My Christmas was good. We woke up like normal and it was raining like CRAZY.... Like bad.... it rained all christmas eve night and christmas day like a down pour. We were wondering if they were going to cancel church or not. But they didnt luckly! in the morning we cooked AMERICAN pancakes. Elder Champion knows how to cook some good ones.... so we made those and went to church. there were 10 other people in sacrament meeting.... hahaha even some of our normal members didnt show up! So ya! that was Christmas! One to remember, and one to be thankful for! Also, thanks for the ties and watch! Holy cow, I was pumped to get those! I feel so Chetto! hahaha thanks a million. 

Other than that everything went great. This week was slow because everyone was too busy getting ready for the fiestas and stuff that they didnt want to talk. Lots of wine and beer was bought by the Argentines this Christmas let me tell ya.... haha but its all good. The weeks gone and over and we have a new one to go out and teach. So Im excited to get back to teaching people. 

Thanks for everything! Love you guys like crazy. I dont have too much to say about this week other than that we are expecting this week to be better! Love you guys!

Elder Hansen


the perfect mate.....

getting the package!

Elder Knuth (zl) and I on an exchange

My comp and I made like 50 empanadas for the zone

concert last night

me and 3 others handed out a ton of balloons to release at the end of the concert... almost died by like a million little kids...
 Elder Champion and I

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