Week 21//

Monday, January 02, 2017

Family! How is everyone doing?!

This week was good, very difficult as far as talking and teaching... all week people would tell us that they were getting ready for New Years, and stuff like that, and that they didnt want/have time to talk to us. We worked hard though. 

So we worked a lot with hardly any result. But its all good, this week is a new week and its after all of the parties and everything. So we will find people this week! 

Sooooooooooooo many wine drinkers its not even funny.... so many... even on saturday in the morning the people were starting to get buzzed up.... Especially when that happens they dont necisarilly like missionaries that much. So we just cross the street or find a different route. All night long on new years there were parties. Music, fireworks, everything. You name it and they were using it. haha we came back to the pension a little early. at like 8 just because it can get a little dangerous and its like impossible to find anyone to teach. The next morning was Sunday and it was DEAD everywhere... Inside and outside the church. Just the place looked like a ghost town.. everyone was hungover or sleeping or both. The church we had 8 or 9 people. Including us..... hahahaha but hey, what can you do... 

So ya, that was new years... we didnt spend it with any family or anything, just in the pension. It was kind of nice and peaceful actually. so that was good. how was your New Years? Did you guys spend it with anyone? Stay up late at least? let me know how it went and how your week was! 

But ya, not a whole lot to say! other than we had a lot of rejections and that it was a little slow last week! Im excited for this week though. I think we are going to find a lot more and just crank out a ton of lessons. We shall see!!! Its great to see all of the emails every week! Ive got the best family and friends! Love you all! God is great!

Elder Hansen

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