Week 19 //

Monday, December 19, 2016

Hello mi queridos!

How is everyone doing in this Christmas season?? with all of that snow!? Im doing great down here in sunny-vill. Im pretty sure Ive never experienced this much heat and humidity all at one time.... I leave during the day and come back for lunch in a few hours literally wet everywhere.... like I could probably wring out my stuff... hahaha I love it though!!! This week was great!

First I had an interview with president because it was our zones turn in the rotation and that went really good. I asked what I could do different or what I could improve in my area in presidents eyes. he just said to focus more on the less actives and take time to be there friends and easily motivate them to the church. Dont be pushy but just be yourself with them and love them. So we focused hard on that this week and we LOVED it. We got to know them so good and I have made some really good friends with the families here! We talked for a while just about my area and my role specifically. We talked about a lot of stuff like that and it went really well. He expressed his love and gave him a big bear hug. Really good.

Next, Im really excited to skype!!! 23! Ill have to check with Elder Champion to see what his family said. I might be able to let you know for sure tonight or at the latest in the morning tomorrow

We had a bit more success this week. We just pounded and pounded all week. I went on an exchange with my new Zone leader, Elder Knuth. and we found 2 new investigators and found our other ones that we hadnt been able to find!! We rearranged some baptism dates with them, so that was good. But my favorite part was finding Mierta... I was with Elder Knuth and we passed by in the night and she said that she couldnt talk but that she could the next morning. So we left her a BOM and 3 verses to read. we passed by in the morning again and talked with her.  and she came out with a big smile... She said that she had not only read what we left her but 3 more CHAPTERS.... hahaha we were stoked. In the verses we left it invited her to pray and ask God if these things are true. So I asked her if she prayed. She said yes, and that she was 100% sure that it was true. We were shocked again. We asked her what she read and she told us from memory... shocked again... hahaha so we answered her questions about the BOM and Moroni and stuff and then eased into Lesson 1 about the restoration. Well she started to love it. And then we get to the first vision (my all time favorite..) and I recited it and looked her in her eyes holding the picture of the 1st vision. She started to cry half way through it. And my comp and I were welling up a bit. We asked her about her feelings after and she cried more and said shes never heard of something more beautiful in her life. She said it was true. We finished the lesson with her and set up another appointment which is tomorrow!! so I am so excited to go back! Soo cool to have those experiences. Like the whole week before we had nothing but just doors slammed. But all of the sudden the smallest success turns all of our hard times away. I love it!!

I like that experience mom, I never thought of it that way, and will have this written down from here on out. Its so true. I love this mission and my comp and everything. Its really really hard at times but its those little tiny moments during the week that just make everything worth it.... Love you guys!! Ill talk to you on the 23rd!!! Ill let you know any other details if they come up so check the email!! love you all!

Elder Hansen

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