Week 17 // End of Transfer 2

Monday, December 05, 2016

haha familia! como están?

This week was sooooooooo good. So many miracles its not even funny. First of all, yes, she feeds us every saturday and is a crazy, short, firey old woman. Abraham hasnt missed a sunday and I try to sit next to him as much as I can and joke with him. I love him so much! Investigators.... they are a little hard to pin down and have 
more than one lesson with them. They all say "oh yes, we are catholic but we respect and listen to all." Sometimes its only one lesson and other times they turn into progressing investigators. 

Elder Jara is fine now! I was able to give him a blessing... In spanish! My first one in spanish and I feel like it went good. It was really cool, you literally rely on the lord completely because you dont know all of the words in spanish to do it by yourself... really cool

Well we found 2 new investigators this week!! Or really, they found us. A lady stopped us in the street and started just pouring out her soul to us crying... we didnt know what to really know what to do. We set up an appointment for the next day with her and her husband. We passed by and she was really sick in the bed. She had taken a TON of medicine and it was probably not good.... So we gave her and her husband a blessing (he has really bad knees and cant walk really good.) and I anointed both. Really cool and spiritual. After we shared the lesson we wanted to share, and by the end of it the woman stopped us and said that she felt good. That she didnt feel sick at all. We branched off of that and used the spirit and finished the lesson. We set their baptism date for the 24th of December and they will be confirmed Christmas day. I hope and pray all works. After the closing prayer, we were about to leave and she kissed our hands. she was crying and thanked us over and over. It was really spirtual. We explained again the power of the priesthood and the spirit. Next thing you know they showed up to church! Everything went perfect!

Elder Jara se va!! He left me! They were doing the conference calls and called us and said that he was going to be transferred! He is now currently in Quilmes as a zone leader! My new companion is Elder Champion. Hes from Oregon and he es un capo. Hes shorter than me, asian looking, and hes so cool. He speaks ENGLISH! hahaha Funny fact. All 3 of my companions this far have been the district leader... and for Elder Bean and Elder Jara it was their first time being district leader. So they go from training to district leader to zone leader right in a row... Elder Champion has been DL before and he is now currently in our district. Im learning so much with that its insane! haha

Another fun thing, we had service this week with Elder Jara in Punta lara! Its like a rainforest in some parts. So we left to help this investigator family clear a spot to lay a foundation for a house. We used this big reaper thing and took down trees and just cleared a big spot. It was way sweet!! haha I will send pictures when I get my package!! haha 

Lastly.... I. am. fat. hahahhaha If I did my math right, (which I did because Ive checked a billion times...) Ive gained about 20 pounds so far... hahahaha CRAP. Ive broken the 180 mark! hahaha these pantalones are a little bit tight.... haha no but its all good. Its so humid and we sweat so much that everyone says you lose a lot of weight from sweating a ton. So vamos a ver!!! hahaha Im trying to be careful a bit what I eat but its like choosing what donut is most healthy.... haha everything so bad for you but sooooo freaking good. Ive had almost no trouble with the food!

Lastly I want to share scriptures!! Alma 36:20-21 and 27. I love these, especially verse 27. God is so merciful and loves us more than we can imagine. I hope you like these! 

I love you guys! So proud to be a Hansen missionary!! Thank you for all of the emails and for the support! Love you all and will see you soon on Christmas!!!

Elder Hansen

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