Week 16 //

Monday, November 28, 2016

Hello my family!
Thanksgiving almost passed by without me noticing... I remembered in the morning of... haha so I did what any other regular person would do when you are with a crazy chileano.... I went to a panadaria and bought a huge pastry thing. soooooooo freaking good. That was my thanksgiving, My comp doesnt know what thanksgiving is, so I did myself a favor and bought that.
Haha but this week was good! kind of. Elder Jara got has been sick like the last 2 or 3 days and so weve had some down time. We wandered around la plata one night to find the doctor. Then we wandered around even more to find the pharmacy.... hahaha a little crazy that night...

 Then the next day was saturday and we had lunch at little Hermana Marias and that was good for the most part. Her friend, that lives in the same house as her went to go get bread down the street and hermana maria yells to me a bunch of words really fast and i only picked up " go, juice, help" so ok. hahaha I grabbed my comp and we went after her to "help" her? haha when we got to her she was buying the stuff and one of the workers came up to us and started asking us questions about the church. We started talking and next thing you know she had left and was gone.... haha after talking we went back to the house and we stood out front timidly, wondering what the purpose of "helping" her was... so I walked in and asked her, "what was it you needed?...", she answers ever so softely.... yelling, "I told you to go with her to remind her to get juice for lunch!! We dont have juice! whats wrong with you? Why didnt you do it?" haha I explained that I didnt understand and that I was reallllllly sorry. haha She says "Looks like we are drinking water for lunch! we have no juice! you needed to get juice!" hahaha I said "sorry mamasita, te amo!" she walks away "the children I have!" hahaha I looked at Elder Jara and we both chuckle a bit hahaha. Next thing you know we are sitting down and she pulls out this big thing of juice........... hahaha she says smiling and full of joy "I found juice from a birthday party we had here yesterday." Thank you to the angel from heaven who put that thing of juice in her kitchen.... hahaha I thought we were dead!! It came time to leave, and it started raining soooo hard. So we put garbage bags on like jackets. The only problem was that they were 10x too small.... We took some pictures...... hahaha good times here...
But thats about it for the stories this week! Mom, I think the ZLs have my packages. I find out tomorrow about those details! also, Thanks for sending those pictures. Great to see that things are still moving along smoothly for Blake and his plans!!! Love you guys like crazy! One scripture I liked this week is Moroni 10:32.  God is great! This church is true. Ive seen and felt and experienced too much to this point to deny it. I love where Im at. Love you all, Ill write next week!
Elder Hansen
ps. my little camera adaptor broke that I bought here for 40 pesos.... haha battery charger still works but cant upload pics... I will wait for the cable... hahaha sorry!! love you

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