Week 13 //

Monday, November 07, 2016


Fun stuff yesterday on that plate.... So there is this older lady named Maria
(a member and is called the mission mom because she calls the missionaries her kids) well she was sick and missed church so we brought her the sacrament right? well after that she brings out left overs of an asado.(basically a bunch of different good meats). Ive only had 1 asado and it was kind of fake... but, this plate had a meat I hadnt seen before.... it was dark dark read and was rubbery on the plate.... hahaha I had heard the legends from other missionaries here that it was morcilla.... Which is ground up intestines and blood and all of the inerds of a cow and put into a casing and cooked a bit.... yup nasty. My comp hates it. Like hates it. and we were with another member as well. They both told me to try it, because the member with us said that he liked it alot. So after rejecting it like 3 times... I tried it. It is the best thing ever!!!!!!!! not. haha it was absolutely terrible....... I somehow got it down the throat and that was that. No bueno. Everyone at the table laughed and called me a yankee and such. I turned to my comp, and in spanish said, "your turn." he was like "no, no, I cant. I dont like it. I love this bread though thank you hermana." I was like "so youre gonna let a yankee show up a chileno? I have 3 months and you have 21..... " Everyone was watching him and waiting, and he Chickened out!!! hahaha we all laughed and stuff, it was a good time!

So this week was good, A little challenging with the people. Nobody wanted to listen to us and we were rejected a lot. We even had 2 of the 3 investigators with baptismal dates fall through. They told us not to pass by.... so that was rough. But Eduardo is still on the board and we found another person as well!! so that was cool. We also as a companionship gave out 30 LDM´s this week alone! So success in that. Yesterday Elder Jara gave me a LDM and said plant it with these people right here. They were all sketchy looking thats for sure!!! haha but I took it and said Ill try. I went up and did the contact by myself. He stepped back behind me with the member and made me do and say the whole thing! fwah! It was actually easier than I thought! I was able to do the whole thing and give it out and set a time to pass by! So that was really cool.

A lot of people dont like the states here.... haha I get bashed occationally. the last 2 days Ive been bashed 3 times. But hey, its part of the game. Its a good conversation starter.... ;) haha but things are all good, no harm done!

Before I forget, I will be writing Tuesday next week! We have something on monday, so its a temporary change to Tuesday just for next week! Just a heads up! Also Someone took my cable to charge my camera while we were in the cyber writing. I must have left it or something so Im trying to find another, I think I can. this is why I havent sent pictures! Just a little note! and yes! please forward hunters Emails. That email was so funny to read, it was like he was talking to me. hahaha Love that kid. 

Anyways, not a whole lot new to report on this week! everything is going great. Its hard but its a good kind of hard. Time is going fast for me right now, 3 months already.... fwah. But Im really starting to love it. My comp is good, we knock heads every now and then but for the most part we are good. I teach him english and he teaches me spanish. Its a good trade. He loves micheal Buble christmas music. Ya, aparently we can listen to christmas music and disney as well! so sweet! So we jam out some nights to some good christmas music. He trys to sing a long in english but doesnt know the words so its funny. Ill try to video it one night. Its good because he asks me what the song is saying and I have to translate. Stuff like that is helping me learn more and more. 

Anyways, thanks for everything! I love you guys like crazy! Im really starting to settle in here! ITs a nice feeling! Ill try to find and buy a cable soon to send pictures. Love you all, have a great week!

Elder Hansen

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