Week 15 //

Monday, November 21, 2016

This week flewwwwww santo gatos....

haha this week was really good, and was sooooo fast. ok so yes, dad, Elder Rasband stopped by our mission 2 weeks ago! he got a hold of president Nuñez and said that he wanted to talk with all of the missionaries only from our mission! Apparently when the last apostle came it was like 4 missions combined. So this was really cool. He had a translator with him at the pulpit and ya! We all met in a church in the mission and listened to him and president Christensen of the 70. Really cool. Before he spoke he wanted to shake every one of our hands. all 180 missionaries (+ the MTC... so like 210). So they lined up in front and us missionaries row by row went up and he shook our hands and looked deep into our eyes. hahaha it was a little intense but way cool. Really spiritual!! 

Second, I will ask somebody about those packages, Im almost positive its the office though. Thanks for doing that!! and for the scriptures!! 1 nephi 19:9 is a really good one that I love to share with people in lessons to bring the spirit and to show the love of God. 

Sounds like things are already in the mixing for Blakes wedding! Thats so sweet! Youll have to keep me updated with that stuff! 
So how are you guys?! Is it snowing yet? How are the horses? Still alive I hope.. haha 

This week was good! Lots of things happening! I went on two intercambios this week with the younger companions! haha they both have the same amount of time I do.... The first was Elder Lima, hes from Mexico and hes one of my favorites! Hes a skinny kind of tall guy and he is freaking sweet. We taught a few lessons together and it went really well! Next was with.... Elder Moore!! haha Mi compañero from the MTC!!! That was so cool. All 3 of our appointments fell through that day... but we did a lot of contacting! It was really cool. We walked up to these 3 old people and started a nice easy contact and they somewhat liked us... They liked Elder Moore for his dark skin and that his mom is from Brazil, they thought I was just the average yankee... haha They kept stopping us during the ALB telling me " you dont understand spanish, he(E Moore) does though! you are great!" haha I finally lost it. She started bashing on the BOM and I lost it a bit. hahaha I just said "I understand you perfectly, thats why Im answering your questions. The answers to your questions is what you dont like because its the opposite of what youre living..." We started to go back and forth a sec and then we left. hahaha crazy people around here. I loved that time with Elder Moore though!! He is soooo sweet!

We had something called a "Tormenta Blanca" yesterday. Which is when all of the missionaries in the zone go to an area that is struggling a bit and we work for like 3 hours. It was really cool. And then after you give the missionaries in that area all of the names and things that you found. I love being a missionary! Its harder than anything, but I love it!! haha its so weird how that works... Being able to walk around on the streets as a representative of Jesus Christ and have cool experiences with people. Nothing is better than that!! 

Thats about all I have for you all this week! Working hard all day every day!! Elder Jara is great, we knock heads every now and then, but its normal. Hes like an older brother... that is 8 years older..... hahaha but hes great! Thanks for writing me every week and sharing your thoughts and scriptures you like! I love it! Love you guys and Im grateful for you all! Be safe!
Elder Hansen

Intercambio with the ZLs... Im gaining sooo much weight (20 pounds) its not a joke..haha​

​its a little toasty at night so we had the fans all night...​

I found a license plate... so sweet!!! 
​MTC buds at the Conference of Elder Rasband​

​Cathedral... Pics are blurry and I dont know why... haha Ill take better ones some other time!​

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