Week 14 //

Monday, November 14, 2016

Santo gatos this has been a while I feel!

long week this week, but lots and lots of work and things to do! First off, Mom I havent gotten that package yet, just need the office to tell me if they have it or not, theyre a little slow when it comes to that..... haha also thanks for getting that other cable, we are going to look for one tonight a bit, So hopefully we can find one too!!! Blake wrote me and told me that!!! How crazy is that! haha Im way excited for him. My only request is that I have a cardboard cut out at the wedding...... haha Also thanks for the scriptures that you have sent me and the letters as always. 

I dont have a ton of time today, but I want to say that this week was good. Lots of exchanges throughout the days with other missionaries in the district because my comp is the DL. So I learn and grow from these other missionaries. Also because I have to lead the area when one of these things happen. I take the other missionary to my area and have to plan and lead things. Cool, and Im learning a lot from that. 

Also, I want to share a scripture I love to share with menos activos. Moroni 6:8. I love it and love sharing the love of the savior. He has done everything for us EVERYTHING and more. All he wants to do is recieve us. He can only recieve us if we let him.... 

We stopped by and toured the big cathedral in La Plata today!! Cool, but way jacked up inside. We all wanted to leave little handouts and BOMs on benches inside and stuff but we didnt..... maybe next time... haha. I have some way cool pictures of it though! once I find a cable I will send them!! 

This is about all of the time I have today!! Sorry! I want to write more, But I gotta go to work!! Love you guys, and I love my mission and my experiences!!! The church is so true, if there was any doubt... Id be home right now. I love this place, and love this people. Always have a smile on your face and enjoy life always. Love you all!!! see you soon!!

Elder Hansen

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