Week 12 // Starting Transfer 2

Monday, October 31, 2016

Fwah, first off let me say something about those pictures! THANK YOU! haha I love seeing that stuff! Juju is like 10! santo vacas (holy cows) look at that hair and cheeser smile! and of course Kailin looks like shes not a day over 40! haha nah chistes (just joking)... hahaha much love. But I see Mac is wearing my old joggers in that pic... haha he looks so old! Hes looking like Blake too! wow! Its weird to see you guys in jackets.... haha its starting to heat up here....

Again, I had to take out money because i ran out and needed food. We use a lot of money for traveling and paying for more stuff here. Both of my companions have told me all of the other areas are not this expensive... so sorry about that!! 

Elder Jara.... haha this is a good change. Im learning more of the language and of the mission because he has 20 months! so that is good. Its definitely a challenge though... only spanish 100% of the day! fwah! but its good! I really am learning more and Im talking more in lessons and the street! Im starting to get a little comfortable speaking. Like I can walk up to a house and start a lesson or contact. I also teach half of the lesson! We go back and forth and tag team lessons. He always shoots me a wink when its my turn and I do the same. hahaha hes a pretty big jokester too. He speaks a tiny bit of really not good english. so when Im stressed or thinking hard or something. He will break out in an english song or something and just butcher it... hahaha the thing he loves to say is "prairie dogging it" hahahaha I did not teach him it! It was his trainer! I laugh so hard sometimes when he says it! hahahaha! we also have sometimes where we argue a bit.... just out of frustration. Me with my spanish and him with his english. Trying to communicate some times is hard. But for the most part we do fine! so we talk it over, and fix it, and keep going!Definitely a challenge!! 

The heat is coming and the humidity is coming with it! wow! hahaha it is definitely like hitting a wall walking outside.... haha 

One thing they stress out here is asking inspired questions. Really opening your mouth and letting the spirit fill it with inspired questions. There was a lession we tought yesterday. a 17 year old eduardo and his cousin Ericka who is like 20 and is apparently baptized. Ericka wasnt really paying attention and we knew going into the lesson we wanted to invite eduardo to be baptized. And before Elder Jara could say the words I asked Ericka about her baptism. She openned up a bit and it struck a cord and she cried and told us what was going on. Really cool and the spirit was strong. We asked Eduardo to be baptized and he said no. We kept pushing and described to importance of baptism and invited again. He said no. so then I bore my testimony. I just simply said that I am only 1 year older than him and that I was thousands of miles away from everything I love and I find comfort in. I explained why I was here. How we came to be in his house. Why we do what we do and how we do it. I explained the love God has for him and how he is waiting for him. The spirit was reallllllly strong. It was dead quiet in the house and the spirit was almost burning it was so strong. He had a few tears in his eyes. Elder Jara asked the 3rd and final time and he said yes.... We were so happy and the spirit was there. We said that we would help him and that he was doing the right thing. We were really excited and happy. we now have 3 baptismal dates for the middle of November!!! I hope and pray they all continue to progress! 

Everything is going great so far. It is an adjustment having to show my comp around when I dont even really know where everything is! Its hard to be patient with myself sometimes, but I am continuing to pray and try so Im doing great!! haha Im really starting to settle into the culture and stuff here which is great! Elder Jara told me that training is always hard and slow. he said that once I get out of training and my first area. Time flys by really fast. So I am really trying to focus and enjoy it along the way. I mean I have like 20 months left. I am scheduled to come home the 16 of july. I dont know why its like that, but I guess they just like to keep it organized like that. Also this is when the transfer is. So Its almost like a whole month early... Weird... So I am really going to try hard to enjoy it! 

Thanks for all of the letters always. and thanks for sending that package! I cant wait to see it and Ill keep my eye out for it! Thanks for all of the prayers and updates from home! I love hearing it all! This is about all of the time I have today! Ill write next week! and its only a matter of time until we can skype! Love you guys! God is Great!

Elder Hansen

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