Week 9 //

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Holy cats! Sorry familia for the day late. the people of Argentina throw in these days during the year and call them holidays. haha they have so many. So this basically means no work. Go home and sleep and eat and dont answer your door to those two weird white kids smiling through your window.... hahahaha so all the stores, buildings and everything was closed... so we couldnt write!! 

I dont have a ton of time now, but I will write as much as I can! First off to answer  questions.... Yes I have tried mate multiple times and the first time I HATED it... But a week later I like had a craving for it... Made no sense right? Now I love it! hahaha weird how that works.... second, My spanish is continuing to improve. still way not good but building every day. My english is starting to go and I cant speak spanish... haha so I am in a terrible position... hahahaha but I like it a lot. I can understand almost all of what is being said. or at least 85% of the time but still cant say much. I try to and bear my testimony and stuff. But ya, that will come in time. Members are nice and other missionaries too and say that I speak like Ive been out for months.

how is everyone doing?? hows back home? hows the weather and the ward? Its starting to reeeeally warm up here and get hot and humid.... haha no me gusta....  

So this week I had 2 intercambios(exchanges) and 1 entrevista(interview) with president. I went on exchanges with Elder Tolman! Hes my ultimate favorite missionary out here. Hes from Logan, UT! Pretty big kid with an even bigger testimony. So they lasted a day. So we switch during the day, sleep over, then switch back. His comp went with Elder Bean to Ensenada and I went to his area. Really cool and we taught some REALLY powerful lessons and stories. I talked so much those days and learned a lot. 

Next at the end of the week I went with Elder Lencina. He has about 17 months in the mission and is from argentina. Yup, hardly any english speaking went on... So he is a Viajero(or traveler) he and his comp travel over the whole mission and stay at your pensh, eat your food, mooch off of you hardcore and you go on exchanges during one day. we did some WORK!! we had a challenge as a mission to give out 20 BOMs that day and between us 4 we gave out 20 on the dot! As a mission over 1200!!! haha our mission is tiny too! Way cool.
Interview with president was great. We all met at the stake center as a zone, and one by one had our interview. Everyones lasted like 10 to 15 minutes. People from the states were telling me how its a little intimidating because he asks direct questions and what not. But they said that he will interview me in english because its my first one. Thats what happened to them at least! I went up there and it was all spanish! I understood everything, responded how I wanted, and left! 5 minutes was all it took. He gave me a big hug, thanked me for everything and that was that. Really cool guy. Later that night, I talked with Elder bean. (Who was just made district leader FYI...) and he said that president said I am a great missionary. That he knows I work hard and doesnt have to worry about me. Really comforting to hear that. 

Now for a funny story to wrap up... Me and Elder Lencina were walking down this street. (He talks to everyone) So we were walking and this guy is just staring at us blankly... suddenly my comp is gone and is talking to him. I hurry and run up and start listening haha. This guy smells like hes had 20 beers.... haha sooooooooo drunk. we talk for a bit and hes cracking us up non intentionally. Elder Lencina breaks out laughing hardcore and turns to me and says in the little english he knows, "Hes sooooo drunk" This guys is just smiling and smiling and looking off into nowhere.... haha next thing you know he starts trying to do math trying to figure out which age was higher/older 20 or 18... Next thing you know 2 more buddys come out of the house.... hahaha both drunk. I just said we will pass by another day and teach you guys. They responded to teach them now. My comp turns to me and says laughing "lets teach them something" so we go in and have an opening prayer holding hands in a circle. And my comp whips out these pictures in these pamphlets and is asking them what the pictures are of... they went off ofr like 10 minutes... hahaha we actually ended up teaching a little lesson bore our testimonies said a closing prayer in the same manner and left. One of them found out I liked basketball and wanted to play me right there... To bad he didnt have a ball or hoop.... hahaha so we left and that was that. Lucas and the drunks. Haha sooo funny. 

Anyways, I am out of time, I love you guys! Thanks for writing me every week. Sorry Im not too personable, I will try a bit harder with that next week! Keep up the good work. im so proud to wear my familys name on my chest right next to our saviors. Love you guys! Be safe!

Elder Hansen

Yes, Elder Bean and I made Empanadas one day for lunch... Im going to make so many when I get back Home!! 


Donut like things filled with dulce de leche with sugar on the outside!!

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