Week 10 //

Monday, October 17, 2016

Hola Familia y Amigos! 

This week was really good! sounds like the weather there is amazing... haha here I feel like this week was Utah weather x10... we would wake up and look out the window and see nothing but dark clouds, by 3 oclock, nothing but the sun in the sky! There was one day where it rained the entire day pretty hard. We still went out and worked anyways, but it was crazy! haha some streets were pretty flooded which means the sanjas were flooded as well.... No me gusta... haha But it was fun to see. 

We also had the best freakin ice cream Ive ever had on the face of this planet... GRITOS! haha Elder bean and I were walking back to the pensh one night and we always passed Gritos on the way. I finally asked if it was any good, and he just looked at me... haha hes said that it was a little pricy though, I said I didnt care and that I would pay if its worth it. He just looked at me again... haha So we went in and I bought 1 Kilo of Ice cream! They let you pick up to 4 flavors to put into this tub. So we picked 3, something like cookies and cream, dulce de leche with brownie, and alfajor sundae.... haha We ate the whole thing in one night! well, I ate the whole thing... Elder Bean had some, but I ate it so fast and he didnt want a lot... Haha best thing ever.

This week we will most likely have a baptism!! This saturday, good old blind Abraham is going to get baptized! I just hope he can pass the interview... haha hes 71 with like 4 teeth and seems to forget and mix up the law of chastity, law of tithing, and the word of wisdom... haha its actually kind of funny to listen to him rant about why smoking and drinking is breaking the law of chastity... So we have been working with him on that!! Hes also wayyyy funny, so he cracks jokes just randomly. Like we were explaining what you cant drink or do pertaining to the word of wisdom. After a long 40 minutes of trying to get the word of wisdom straight he finally just says, ¨all I do is eat soup... and drink Mate... this is all¨ hahahahaha we all just laughed for like 5 minutes. After a while I think he started to get them straightened out... We will find out thursday when he has his interview! I love him! haha when we taught him last Elder Bean said that we were going to teach him a little something. He asked who I was... We have taught him like 3 times before! haha but then he remembered and said ¨ohhh hes the elder who doesnt talk alot but eats alot.¨ haha weve had a few lunch lessons with him at one of our lunch appointments. 

Lately this has been a rough week for us elders. We had 13 people in church last sunday, and almost 80% of our lessons fell through, especially because we teach alot of inactives. So they run from us haha. But its all good. We walked A LOT this week, and were shut down by old and new people alot. But, we just keep going and trying everyday knowing that eventually we will find and teach who we are supposed to. As long as we are out and about doing and trying what we are supposed to be doing, that is all that is important. The lord can direct us and show us where we need to go as we are out. 

I have 5 weeks in Argentina from tomorrow! This transfer ends next monday! So we find out if Elder Bean leaves or not. I guess theres a chance I could leave and he stays, or we both leave or stay. Its more likely that Elder Bean leaves than me though. Hes been here for a while, but he said president doesnt usually like to split up the companionships in training... So most likely he will stay around for another transfer then he will leave and I will direct the area. Confusing, but its all good. 

This is about it! I have a few pictures for you. Im learning how to cook! I can cook a lot of Argentine stuff! Which is awesome. Made myself some mate this morning and chilled. Life is good. The Mission is good. Thank you for all of your prayers and support, I feel them! Love you guys! Be safe!

Elder Hansen

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