Week 11 // End of Transfer 1

Monday, October 24, 2016

Fwah. Wow. haha crazy, crazy week. First off to answer questions, Mom, yes I have access to eggs, I dont know about butter, It might cost a lot. Dad, Yes I am gaining weight, I know it because all of the pants are slowly getting harder and harder to button.... haha

So this week was good, started off normal and ended insanely. Started off great with lessons with members (which we never have because there are 13 active in church), finding investigators, we gave two blessings this week. I anointed both of them, because Im not comfortable giving the blessing yet, annnnnd Abraham passed his interview!!!! We were so happy! 

Im sending pictures of the baptism that we had on saturday for him! I was able to do the baptism! Elder Bean basically made me because he said that there was nothing more he wanted to see than his "son" in the water with his blind convert. haha He is great. The baptism was great! I was able to memorize the words and say it right and perform the baptism right all on the first try! So that was relieving... I was a little stressed.. The cool part was after when me and Elder bean were helping him change. Right after Elder Bean had to do something, so I was in the bathroom with Abraham helping him around and stuff. He stopped  in his shoes and just stood there in the bathroom I was busy grabing his towel and stuff not to notice what he was doing. I heard a few sniffles and looked up. It was a really cool spiritual, quiet moment. I asked if he was ok, and he said he was fine. I went over to him and he pulled me close and gave me the biggest hug. He just sat there and cried on my chest for like 3 minutes, pouring out his heart saying, "Im clean. Im clean... thank you so much for helping me. Without the help of you guys I wouldnt know any of this. Thank you lord for saving me and helping me. Thank you for everything." Theres a lot more that he said too. I just simply responded that "God loves you so much and that he is so happy you chose to be baptized."But he was just crying and hugging. It was a really cool minute. 

The night we had a different experience... We got the call that Elder Bean was getting transferred and that we needed to get him packed and ready to go monday morning. We needed to be in the offices at 10;00. That was a big hit to us both. From cloud 9 to ground 0. Which means that I am finishing my training with my new comp Elder Jara. He is from Chile, hes 26, he has 20 months in the mission, and knows like 4 words in english... haha so it will stretch me a bit but I know I can do it. God doesnt give us problems or scenarios without a solution or reason. So Im excited to have this transfer with Elder Jara and do some work. Things will be a little hard because I am to lead the area for the first week or so. Showing him where everything and everyone is. haha so that will be interesting!! haha but it will be good for me to do! Im really excited! Elder bean left to be a Zone leader in a different zone!! so thats way cool for him! 

anyways Im about out of time! I love you guys, and love getting your letters! Thanks for all of the support and love! know that Im working my hardest and love my savior! I will write next week!

Elder Hansen

​My latino haircut, they basically dont know how to cut it any other way...​

Cleaning the font before


Mi nuevo Compeñero Elder Jara

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