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Monday, December 12, 2016

HOLY CATS AMERICAN CANDY! haha I got both packages at the same time, and can I just say I loved it. Great stuff in there. The candy is great, and the cable works!!! and i forgot it today... haha Im on exchanges in a different area today. And I forgot to bring it before! So I will send a million next week! 

This week was good. Really slow and hard.... haha We had 3 baptismal dates and progressing investigators at the end of the transfer with Elder Jara. And now we cant even get a hold of them. One of the dates fell through because she didnt go to church yesterday. But we are still going to find her!! All of our investigators are at a stand still and its hard to find them. Also we are getting rejected a lot.... hahahaha but hey, we are trying!! We are working like crazy! One night while we were planning, I was looking at all of these pages of names of people that weve contacted in the past with Elder Jara. All of them are in a frustrating time and they are being difficult. I looked at Elder Champion and he looked at me and I said we are scrapping them and starting over! Wiping the slate and start building again! So weve got a lot of work on our hands this week! It will be good! Im excited! 

Elder Champion is way cool. He works hard, we joke around a lot. We have fun when we can and work hard when theres work to do. He is different than my other companions which is cool because I get to learn more!!! Hes a really cool guy. 

Not a whole lot new this week, just a constant grind trying to find people to teach. I got my haircut again, but the dude totally botched it hahaha oh well, what can you do. 

We found one lady at her house. she was a contact that we did. She answered the intercom thing and said she would come to the door in just a second. 5-10 minutes later we were thinking of leaving and then this older lady comes out really slowly with a walker. She seemed pretty happy overall. we got to talking and found out she has a bad cancer and has 1 more year to live the doctors told her. Also that her husband only has 6 months more to live. So talked more about the plan of salvation and then at the end gave her a BOM. She looked at it like it was 1 million dollars and asked how much it was? (we get that a lot). We said it was free and we wanted her to have it. She started to cry a little and took it and grabbed my hand and held it for like 2 minutes. She thanked us like crazy. We felt soooo good about this lady and set a time to go and pass by again this week. So we will see what happens!

Well family, this is it for this week. Thank you for those packages and for always writing me!! Love you all like crazy and hope that you always remember our savior in this time and give thanks! Love you and I will write next week!

Elder Hansen

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