Week 4 // MTC

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hello family!

To answer those, Alma 42:31 is what I think I want as my scripture.  And yes, I am leaving the 12th, but I don't know times yet. We get our travel plans this Fri, Sat, or Mon at the latest. I'll try to let you know as soon as I can. Guarenteed it will be in the morning. No ron saltmarsh, but his band played. Santo Gatos there was actually a lot going on this week! So first, Elder Hughes and Hermana Beck were REALLY sick.... It came back to them some how 10x worse. They were struggling for a few days but seemed to have fully kicked it. There was a little scare, when at like 10;15 PM sometime last week, an ambulance came and carried a missionary out of the building from right down the hall from us.. So there are 2 bathrooms on each level with a lot of showers and bathroom stalls. Apparently there was some sketchy bacteria or sickness in the bathroom where this Elder was. He got super sick and couldn't breathe. paramedics shut down that bathroom and investigated... Apparently its all clean, but it's still a bit sketchy to all of us, so we haven't gone in there.... haha but Others in the district are a bit sick, It's spreading a bit again, but I'm still going strong!! Every night when I feel like I might have a little something, in my personal prayers I just simply say, "Heavenly father, I'm not feeling too well. I want to serve without distraction or sickness. But if it is your will for me to be sick at this time, then I will." And almost every single time I wake up feeling fine and energized. out here I am completely at the mercy and will of the lord. So why not talk to him and trust him with everything?? 

Ummmm let's see.... Language classes are ending!!! yikes!! They said they've taught all of the material, so we just review now. We also are starting to teach other companionships in my district. Which is cool! I'm still super busy here, nonstop we are doing stuff, but I like it and I'm getting used to it! I LOVED that last package... those orange rolls were straight from heaven... I think I legit ate 5 that night.... non-intentionally... I just kept eating and eating and I looked down and I only had like 3 more... haha they were so good thank you!! I also love those dear elders as well! It's like birthday presents throughout the week. 
I've also run into a ton of Heber kids. Jace Griffeth, Connor Clark, Jared, Mike Malstrom, Josh Rheese, Jake Breeze. And probably others I can't think of right now... I Can't wait for Hunter to get here!! I'm going to be looking all week for him!! I run into jared a lot. So I have really good chances of seeing some tall gringo.... 

Now for the fun part.... hahahahaha sooooo we (My district) were supposed to skype to our missions to teach a lesson to a member there! Way cool right! So me and Elder Moore would have skyped to Argentina!! but we had a speed bump... Elder Adams has woken up every morning with some itchy skin. So he finally went to the Health Clinic and the Doc said he had bed bugs... Like legit bed bugs, in the MTC... hahaha They say it's common because they get missionaries from 3rd world countries with them. and they are just used to them biting and stuff. So they carry the bugs from their country to the MTC beds... And Elder Adams happened to have the only bed with Bed Bugs...So long story short, they had our whole room (6 of us) go and spray and wash EVERYTHING in our room. So this was yesterday, and we have class right? They flat out told us that we can't go to the class that day because we had to clean and move rooms. We even had to open our suitcases and spray... On the plus side we got free Dry Cleaning for our pants and suits. But it took like 6 hours because we all had like 3 loads of laundry each. We had to was our clothes that were in our suitcases still!!! I asked them about my vaccumn packed stuff and they said that it was probably fine, so that was nice, but I had to was a lot. Not nearly as much as others because we packed so well. But ya. It was a long day. So there's probably the first funny story of the mission. Everybody was laughing and making jokes along the way! Elder Charette has pictures of the "Bio hazardous bags" and us as we are cleaning. But I don't have them. I'll make sure to get them.

Thats really it for interesting stuff... Oh me and Elder Moore got the Callling of sacrament meeting coordinators for our whole zone...  There's like 6 districts with about 10 people a district. So we pick who does sacrament and we set up and take down. It's cool because the prayers are in Español!!! But ya that's about it!! I love it here!! Oh and also I remembered my camera!! So I'm sending a lot of pictures!! Love you guys! This gospel is sooooooooooo true!! I love it here but I really want to go!! 1.5 semanas left!! A speaker at our devotional last night said, "have more faith than fear out in your missions, and God will work wonders with and through you". Couldn't help but think of Blake getting sent to the harder parts of his mission, because he had more FAITH than FEAR. I love you guys!! 
con amor

-Elder Hansen

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