Week 3 // MTC

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hola Familia!! How is everyone doing!! First off I want to thank you for the letters and the packages!! I love them!! Those cookies were/are a little tender mercy!! I got donuts as well from Brother Larson and they were sooooo good, Dunfords!!! I have pictures of that and a few other things, but forgot my camera AGAIN in the room!!! haha Sorry about that.... But I have a few to send you today. 3 weeks down, 2 and a half to go!! I leave on the 12th on a monday. So sad to hear about Brother Fillerup!! That sounds like its a tender time in the ward. But he is needed elsewhere. The Lord knows and has a plan for everything and everyone!! 

Let's see, I have a decent amount to talk about, but it's hard to recall everything when the weeks feel like days... haha ummm first off, everyone is starting to get healthy again!! Almost everyone was sick... I had a little something for a day, but it left because I was keeping up on vitamins and stuff. 3 missionaries in my district, Elder fox, Elder hughes, and hermana Beck were all suuuuper sick. It started with Elder fox, he has been sick for like 2 weeks. I went up to him and asked if he had thought about getting a blessing. He said that that he had and that he wanted me to give it!! Holy Gatos!!! I was super excited. We can give blessings for sickness whenever but have to go through the branch pres. for anything else. So all of us elders were in one of the dorm rooms and Elder moore was able to anoint and I gave the blessing for the first time! The spirit was sooo strong with all of us in there! I felt like it went well, and he has improved. Hermana Beck and Elder Hughes have been in and out of sickness.... So they came to us for  a blessing. Elder Hughes could barely get out of bed one day he was so sick. So that night he asked if I would anoint and his companion gave the blessing. Again really spiritual. 2 other elders administered to hermana beck. It is really cool to be able to be apart of such an eternal power. I love the priesthood and know it works and is real. Elder Hughes and Hermana Beck were both fine the next day. A little sick, but better. 

Next. On tuesdays we teach like 5 lessons!!! all in Español!! We teach 2 members and our investigator, and our teacher who acts like an investigator. What was really cool about that was when we taught our investigator, Marco. Marco is awesome. There's something called TRC's here, which is where non members, less actives, or members come and act like investigators but normally use real examples from their lives. The cool thing, is when we taught him for the first time, we asked him questions about his life, religion, background... and he was talking about how in the catholic church if your baby isn't baptized, they are lost forever. He told us a story about how his sister died when she was 3 months old, and how he wanted badly to see her again. There was a special, powerful spirit... We explained about how she didn't need to be baptized, but that she needed other work done for her in the temple. and that the only way to ensure that it's done is by doing it yourself. To go into the temple, you have to be baptized. What happened next, I can't really explain. Words came to my mind in spanish... and I somewhat knew what they meant... I said them anyways. In essance saying that your sister is here right now, and she wants you to be baptized. She is waiting for you to do her work further, and she is waiting to see you again. Nobody said anything for about 10 seconds, because he was crying... Like legit tears fell... I too had a tear or two in my eyes. We then further explained that what he was feeling was the holy ghost confirming our words. He was so grateful, and we committed him to baptism first lesson. When everyone else in the district hasn't even to this day. 
The power of the Spirit is real, he confirms truth, and love. In my opinion he has the perfect calling in life. Bringing love to all the world. We have taught him two other times about doctrine and answering his questions and in almost all of them he has at least teared up in his eyes. How wonderful is that?? I am getting chills just typing it.... without the spirit me and Elder Moore are nothing...

Another thing, was on sunday Nashville Tribute Band came!!!! It was sooooo cool!!! They sang some of my all time favorite mission songs. At the end they sang "the hardest thing I've ever loved to do". and then they had all of us sing along after!! Look it up and listen to it!! It is so good, and describes my mission perfectly so far. We broke the record for the largest choir again!!! haha 1,703 missionaries in that choir. That is more than 5 Tabernacle choirs combined... haha It is so powerful, and is one part of the week I look forward to the most because I feel the spirit really strong. 

Last thing is just saying how much I am grateful to be out here. I have grown to love and appreciate and know without a doubt that Jose smith was a true prophet of God. The church has made 2 new visitor center videos to be played in like pennsylvania. But both videos talk about Jose Smith and what he did. It is a reanactment of the story of Jose Smith. I wish so badly you could see it. The only reason we watched it is because the MTC pres. made a special request to the quorum of the twelve to be able to show it to us. It hasn't been released yet!! The only ones who have seen it is MTC presidents and quorum of the twelve!! It is so good. 
Yo canto Jose Smith y el libro de mormon. Yo se el libro es verdad. El libro es verdad... Yo canto este evangelio y la expiacion. Yo se JesuCristo es real y Dios. El Espiritu Santo testigó verdadero de la iglesia. Yo estoy agradacido por vosotros. 

(I love joseph smith and the book of mormon. I know the book is true, it is true. I love this gospel and the atonement. I know Jesus Christ and God are real. The spirit has witnessed the truthfulness of the church. I am grateful for you all....)

Español is hard, and I'm not very good at conjucating... But It is a work in progress! and we all joke around and have fun with it!!! I love you guys!! I'll write next week!! Could I get more tide-to-go for Argentina??
That stuff is magic and straight from the Celestial Kingdom.... like two more sticks if you could. I just want to be covered when I am down there...there was something else I wanted but I don't remember.. I'll tell you later..

I am so mad I forgot my camera in the room!! I will send a TON next time... Promise...
Love you guys!! I'll write next week!!
-Elder Hansen

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