MTC Drop Off

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Hello! This is Taylor's sister, Kailin. I will be updating his mission blog every week. Last Wednesday, August 3rd, we said our 'goodbyes' at the temple grounds prior to his actual MTC drop off. This was because over 900 (!!!!) missionaries were getting dropped off that day and they gave us about 30 seconds to say goodbye at the MTC. They have it down to a science and move the cars through super fast. It was kind of a good thing though, because it was a "rip it off like a bandaid" kind of ordeal, so it made it a little less sad. 

So, here are our goodbye - no- 'see ya later' pictures with the newly set apart Elder Hansen. We know he will be an incredible missionary. We are so excited to hear about his experiences and growth and share them with you all here. We will update every Sunday night, so check back weekly for updates.

Also, he would LOVE to hear from you, especially this first few weeks out. Shoot him a short email at and we're sure it would make his week!


His niece Juliana got his last kiss of two years :)

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