Week 1 // MTC

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Mi Familia!!!! It's so great to wake up early and see emails from everyone! I love the spirit here soooo much, I've never felt it stronger in my life, and its only been a week! Ah man, where do I start?? First off I'll answer those questions. the 3 other elders are Elder Fox(one of my favorites), Elder Moore(mi companero), and Elder Visick- All three of them are from Utah!! I think I even played Elder Fox in basketball! He played for Oympus High School. And we played them multiple times in summer leagues!! So we connect well. we also have 4 hermanas or sisters in our district! I was surprised that there were as many sisters as there are here. Ummm my teacher is Hermana Singer. She only speaks spanish to us... It was sooo overwhelming for all of us the first few days, but now I can actually understand her!!! 

On last Thursday they had us start teaching an investigator.... in spanish!! Like what the Heck do I say?? Hola? haha but it went ok. Completely bombed it. But it's all good. We teach him everyday except for P-day(today) and sunday. It's really really challenging and hard. But I'm slowly starting to hold a conversation and say a bit. Elder moore, is picking spanish up really fast so it's a bit hard to catch up and stay on the same level. He teaches or says a little bit more than me. But I will just interject every so often and say what I need to say. I am completely shocked how fast I'm learning spanish and how much I can understand. I can't speak it too great. But I understand it. 

Ok, before I forget I NEED A NEW CAMERA!!! I found the stamps! but I need a camera...The one I brought like blew up the first day... It won't charge, it turns on and says battery exhausted and thats it... I've tried everything.... There's a girl here with a camera that is a canon powershot. Apparently, her parents have an app on their phones and she can send it straight from her camera! I dont know, just an idea... I just need one to take lots of pictures. 

I've seen EVERYONE! I've seen Jace Griffeth, Jared, and like 3 kids from wasatch and like 4 kids from AF. It's way cool to see them all at random times of the day! I don't have a whole lot of time because we're inbetween laundry loads right now. We are constantly busy, even on P-day.

K so i don't know how I haven't gained weight.... haha there is this elder in my district and room(6 to a room) that is soooooo funny. He is one of my favorites as well. His name is Elder Nonu. He and Elder Fox are my favorite. I have compititions with him at meals. Like for instance yesterday we had a challenge on who could eat the most ice cream sandwhiches after the meal. We both tied at 5!! hahaha We also had a chocolate milk drinking contest. We tied again at 4 glasses after our meal... haha he keeps saying that I've earned his respect after each challenge. I've tried to eat a ton like this because I want to gain weight!! Elder Nonu always come up after a meal and says, "Lista?" or "ready?" I nod, and just like that the challenge starts! It's one thing I look forward to each day. 

The food isn't bad! its actually quite good! It's not like amazing... but it is a step or two up from cafeteria food. Elder Moore doesn't like the food too much. But I'm just so hungry that I eat anything and everything.... 
So in  my district there is
Elder Fox, Elder visick
Elder Adams, Elder Nonu
Me and my companion
Elder hughes and Elder Charette
and hermana lord and Elwood
hermana beck and jordan

I feel like we've known each other for years, not just a week! We've all just grown to love each other. And we let each other know that every night before bed. I like my district because we can have a ton of fun, but yet be super spiritual. So each day we have cieclo or in other words 1 hour personal study, 1 hour companion study, 1 hour language, and daily planning. This is everyday, and it's at a different time each day. Well daily planning doesn't take a whole hour so we all watch someones favorite conference talk for the rest of the time. we have a computer in our classroom that we pull it up on

Elder moore is good- we think completely different, but thats a good thing!! We are still able to joke around and have fun a lot. He's skinny like me, except a bit more and hes like 6'.

There were 800+ missionaries that came in last week when I did! and on top of that, on sunday, there was a meeting thing with all of the missionaries in the MTC. Guess how many missionaries were in the choir?? 1,557!! the record for the biggest MTC choir ever! I was in line, but they ran out of room... haha I did sing at on Tuesday though with that same choir. I'll explain a bit later in the email...

On sunday, we watched a recorded devotional called the "character of christ" by Elder Bednar. This is in my top 3 of favorite talks. Pleeeease see if you can watch it. I think you can, and if you have seen it. I want you to all watch it again. It is so boostful and inspiring to follow christ. And not  only to follow christ but to be like him. I love the spirit that is here. And when there's a devotional it's even better. I love it when my district sings in spanish at the beginning of meetings or study. Although none of us really understand the hymns yet, there is a special spirit that I've never felt before. It is so cool to be apart of...

Last night we had a devotional given by Elder Anderson!! LIVE!!! It was so good!! he said, "Being a missionary is not complex. It's not easy, but it's not complex" basically saying that a mission is hard but really simple. Simple because our job is to INVITE not necessarily to CONVERT, but to invite. He also talked about keeping your spiritual flame alive before, during, and after your mission. and lastly he said that we were personally saved for this push and effort in missionary work. That we were hand selected and prepared in heaven for these last days. That we, the elect, are to go out and gather the last of the elect from the four corners of the earth. He said that prophets of old saw us and saw the work that we would be fulfilling. That's crazy to think of... He said they have SEEN us. I can hardly read and write these words without crying. They saved us for this time. 

Well, I think that's about it for the low down. I'm out of time too. Thanks for writing me! please keep it up! And you can use Dear Elder and send me letters and stuff through that and I get them and read them that day!! it's free too!! I am so grateful I can at least talk once a week. Just know that I am always busy and working hard in the Lord's work!! I love him so much, and we owe him everything, I do mean Everything... Anyways, Let me know how that talk is, and I'll write next wednesday!! love you all!!

-Elder Hansen

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