Week 5 // MTC

Monday, September 12, 2016

Hola familia!!

The MTC life is almost over!!! I leave Monday at around 9:00 am!!! I know that there are 4 others going to my mission. Elder Fox, Elder Visick, Elder Moore, and some other dude who is our travel leader. So out of everyone in the MTC there are 5 of us.... haha how cool is that?! I'm really excited to go one minute, and the next I'm freaking out because I don't speak spanish.... hahaha But over all I'm way excited. I don't know exactly when I'll be able to call, but I know I will be able to sometime during my travel. Our plane leaves at like 2:00 PM and we go to Georgia and leave there at 10:00 for Argentina.
We are looking at about 23 hours of travel that day... hahaha we get there at 9:20 Tuesday morning. But it's all good, I have plenty I can study... So we will be able to call either in the salt lake or in Georgia!!! So how some people are doing it, is their families send a prepaid phone that has like 40 or so minutes on it. And then they'll use it to call at the airport. Others just buy phone cards in the bookstore here and we use the pay phones. I don't really care either way, but if you could let me know your thoughts later today that would be great!!! 

Ummm lets see.... I think everything is pretty much the same here!!! Lots of food... I take it back when I said the food here is pretty good... It's not good like at all... hahaha but it's all good only 5 more days!!! Sounds like more bank problems... So are you sending 2 cards? one credit, and one debit?? I guess I'm a bit confused.... haha but all is good. Everyone is starting to get healthy. No cama gusanos (bed bugs... or at least what we say). The Hermanas had bats in their dorms, 4 of them have rabies aparently... haha but everyone moved out and none of the hermanas from our district had problems. Everybody is just really excited and ready to get out there. Haha it's so crazy and almost weird how close we all are right now... so it's also a bit of a touchy time. We've all written in each others journals and what not. Our whole district leaves at 3:50 am on Monday!! haha there's us 4 that leave at 8:50 am

Oh, we had Elder Christofferson come yesterday to our devotional!! super cool to hear from him. He said some really cool things. "as we accepted our call, we accepted the companionship of the 12, we stand side by side with them.". "Where we go and who we teach, the kingdom of God comes with us. We are offering it to every and anybody.", He quoted David o Mackay, "it is greater to be trusted than to be loved." He said that God loves everyone, but that doesn't mean he trusts everyone. And asked how we can know or gain the trust of God while we are serving missions. I have really focused on this now, but even before the mission I would always include in my prayers what I need to do to have or gain his trust. How can I gain enough trust and faith to go to areas not every missionary can go to or have success in. i want that so badly, and I know the lord knows that I want it. And the last thing I have about his talk is, "we have the Authority to bear Christ's name and take it to all the world.", every night I take my tag off, I look at it for a long few seconds and thank my Heavenly Father for the chance to be a MISSIONARY. I have to constantly pinch myself to make sure that this is all real and that this is my tag. It already has a few scars or scratches on it which I like, because I can look at it like progress that I'm working harder and harder each day.

Well that's really all I have for you guys. I have some pictures too!! haha but I'm just really excited to go out there and just do it. It's hard to be patient until Monday...

I loved Getting that dearelder from dad. It cut of the quote!!!! So I don't know what it is... I'm sad that happened!! but i still love getting those updates. Let me know what you want to do about the airport, I'm fine either way, I just want to talk to you. I have a billion things to say!! hahaha I love you guys!! I'll check the email tonight one last time if you are needing to tell me stuff!! Love you!

-Elder Hansen

The top pic is us saying goodbye to our teacher in the middle. Done with classes!!!

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